Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Bat Doctor participates in Montgomery County Conservation Day 2010

Over 200 area fifth graders from across Montgomery County attended a Conservation Day at the University of Illinois Extension office in Hillsboro on Friday, May 14th, 2010. Students from Hillsboro, Witt, Nokomis, St. Louis Catholic, Raymond, Farmersville, and Zion Lutheran schools were all in attendance to participate in a variety of activities. Various stations were set up for the students.

The presenters of each station were as follows: Melissa Cauble, Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District; Duane Friend, University of Illinois Extension, Stream table; Bill Million, University of Illinois Extension, Conservation Jeopardy; Peggy Hampton, University of Illinois Extension, GPS (Global Position Systems), Dr. Todd Austin, The Bat Doctor, IL Bats/Bat houses; Gary Letterly, University of Illinois Extension, Miscanthus grass/Biofuels; Amanda Cole, University of Illinois Extension, and Bob Milligan, former Ag teacher, Tree Chain Game; Jenny Rossi, Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Recycle Dash; Don Pflederer, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Minerals trailer; Dave Shiley, University of Illinois Extension, Aquatics; Charlie Peterson, State 4-H Electric Committee member and Bronson Borowiak, MJM, Energy Conservation; C.J. Liddell, Montgomery County Natural Resource Conservation Service, Soil Erosion table, Stephanie Porter, University of Illinois Extension, Eviroscape/Watersheds; Charles Williams, Illinois Petroleum Resources Board (IRPB), Petroleum trailer; Charlotte Shuricht, Montgomery County Ag Literacy Coordinator, Insects; Kris Reynolds, Montgomery County Soil and Water Conservation District, Tree Identification.

Students participated in the day-long event and were also provided with a packet of related materials. Funding assistance for the Montgomery County 5th Grade Conservation Day was provided by the W. Darrell Kilton Foundation Grant. For more information about the Montgomery County 5th Grade Conservation Day, please contact the Montgomery County Extension office at 217-532-3941.

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